Beat the January Blues with the squash leagues

All the new squash leagues taking you through to March are now loaded on the website so you can get the important names & numbers of your adversaries.

Beat the January BluesWith our first team 19-1 victory last week, our squash is now at the level we deserve in the Surrey league. As important are the games that are played every day by our members and the league games where they challenge each other like gladiators.

Premier league tables are located here on the website, and A leaguers will find their lists here.

Beat the January Blues by running your opponents rugged around the court and move up the ladder towards your inevitable first team place.

Any issues/questions/thoughts please email us – next month we will be launching a quick survey for all asking people for honest feedback on the club.

Christophers is focused on making 2014 a year of great improvements.

Peter Donoghue

Peter Donoghue

Pete is the life and soul of Christopher's Squash club.

An avid squash player and coach, he leads the team that makes Christophers such a unique place to exercise & play squash.

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