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Champions ladderAS some of you already know two of our members have been working on an online grading system for squash players. This is now coming out of beta launch and is ready for your input & scores.

Champions Ladder announces that you can now register and enter your own match results on

Register online, use the rating wizard to assign yourself an initial rating then start entering your match results and watch your rating go up (hopefully)! Any questions? Email them!

As soon as you’ve submitted the match result, your opponent is sent an email asking them to confirm the result… Note!!! Your opponent must be registered for you to enter your result, so get them signed up too.

Any questions

Peter Donoghue

Peter Donoghue

Pete is the life and soul of Christopher's Squash club.

An avid squash player and coach, he leads the team that makes Christophers such a unique place to exercise & play squash.

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