Flanders’ Cup memorial match 2015

The annual Flanders’ Cup memorial match will be held on Sat 21st March – 14:00 – late!

Paul Flanders was an ex-5th team captain, who died in a road accident several years ago. Paul was a great club member and the match is a fitting way to honour him and raise a glass to his memory.

The plan is to split players into two teams and arrange as many grudge match-ups as possible. For example – the 4th team players can take on anyone from the 3rds and prove that we are the better team!

The Six Nations will be on TV in the background. We will finish the squash by 5:00 so we can then settle down and watch England win the Grand Slam.

This will all be followed by more beers / food (the inevitable McChina) – and the young hipsters (and Rich Grove) can then crack-on to somewhere where skinny jeans and dodgy beards are all the rage!

Please make the effort to come down and support this event. Even if you didn’t know Paul, this is exactly the type of social that he loved and what makes Christophers the club it is. I’m sure he would approve and expect you to join in!

Bring along your kids as well – you may need someone to drive you home!

Give your name to reception or Tim Pescud (07775847146) or Ravi (07976139772), if you can make it.

Peter Donoghue

Peter Donoghue

Pete is the life and soul of Christopher's Squash club.

An avid squash player and coach, he leads the team that makes Christophers such a unique place to exercise & play squash.

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