Squash Trainer review

Squash Trainer ReviewI have recently conducted a test on various brands of squash trainers from various price brackets.  Each shoe underwent the same conditions, for the same amount of time. And to make it fair, each trainer was tested by three different people.

The test lasted  about 20 minutes and consisted of a basic warm up, Jumps, Upper Body Twists, Punch and Twist, Skipping, Bunny Hops, Punch and Run, Knee to Chest Jumps, Suicides, High kick and Stair Run. Each activity lasted between 30 seconds and one minute.

Rating out of 10. 0- very bad, 10- very good.

                   Adam                 Qendrim                     Rich
Donnay Addidas Hi Tec Donnay Addidas Hi Tec Donnay Addidas Hi Tec
Durability 2 8 9 6 8 8 3 8 4
Airflow 2 6 9 3 6 9 2 9 9
Grip 4 6 6 5 8 7 7 8 8
Cushioning 1 8 9 7 6 8 3 7 9
Ankle sup 4 5 7 6 5 6 4 7 7
The feel 1 6 8 8 5 8 5 8 7
The look 3 7 8 1 5 7 4 9 3



After adding the results up and findings the average the shoes scored-

3rd Donnay- 62.33

2nd Adidas- 107.66

1st Hi Tec 124.66

The Testers found that the  Donnay trainers, were the least attractive shoe, of the three. They had the least airflow and the sole of the shoe had worn down slightly after an hour.  However, they only cost £8.00. http://goo.gl/tD5XLX

The Adidas trainers, were the better looking trainer. However they looked a bit more like running trainers. But if you’re okay with that, then great!  The lowest score for this trainer was a 5, the highest was 9. http://goo.gl/tZAihV

And last but not least Hi Tec. These trainers scored the best for airflow and cushioning. So they are definitely the more comfortable shoe. Two of the three testers rated the look of this shoe higher than the other two, one tester rated it quite low. This was because he doesn’t like black trainers, so his answer was based purely on the colour rather than the style and pattern. However these shoes are slightly on the pricey side, costing you £54.99.

If you’re strapped for cash, you’d be best getting the Adidas trainers, but  If  you’re well and truly flushed and like black trainers,  then go for the Hi Tec ones!  http://goo.gl/f8x1ZG

This concludes that by far the best trainers are the Hi Tec V Lite Infinity Flare Squash Shoes.  They are the all round best in every category, and even though they’re expensive they are definitely worth it. http://goo.gl/xH06VL


Peter Donoghue

Peter Donoghue

Pete is the life and soul of Christopher's Squash club.

An avid squash player and coach, he leads the team that makes Christophers such a unique place to exercise & play squash.

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